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We have changed how we're willing to help men and women in active military duty. We will work at 0% commission on the first $100,000 and then we will negotiate on the balance of value.

We have not removed the original assistance we started in 2006 from our web page so you can see how we set this program up in the beginning.

We attempted to assist 3 military families in 2007 and were successful on two. We also found something of interest - it's more difficult than you can imagine to do something for no cost!

Pearl Harbor Raid was Dec. 7, 1941. In Don's Mother's diary, Dec. 2, 1942 talks about rationing.
It took 1 week of sugar rations to make a 1-gallon freezer of homemade ice cream.

Emery's Diary

Selling a Home

Military personnel that will be selling their home in our marketing area due to military orders to Afghanistan or Iraq we will charge 0% commission on the listing side. Also, if the seller brings a buyer for their home and no other REALTOR® is involved there will be a 0% commission on the selling side as well.

Several other RE/MAX agents have agreed to do likewise, plus at least one title company will do the title work at their cost, one pest control company that inspects for termites will do the inspection at no cost, and one structural inspection company has agreed to do the inspection free. A major CPA firm has also agreed to do the tax filing at no cost.

The above services are being offered in the same fashion as people helping hurricane victims, Habitat for Humanity, and/or a student earning a scholarship for school.

If you want to read the letter that we sent to the local military recruiters, UMC ROTC, etc click on (June 30th Letter)(second page). Also if you want to read the front-page article in the Columbia Tribune, click on (April 30th 2006).

Buying a Home

We will offer the same assistance for USA military personnel returning from active duty in the Middle East: a commission of 0% as Buyer's Agent.

Our goal is to have this concept spread throughout the nation - realizing a cap may have to be set for maximum price (like $200,000 for a home, for example) that no fee would be charged. REALTOR®s near military bases would have to put a cap on number that they helped or % of their total volume.

We honor those persons willing to enlist to serve their country and fellow citizens - to protect the freedoms that we have and want future generations to enjoy!

If you know others in this area that want to offer assistance send your e-mail to Military@DonEmery.com or mail to:

Don Emery
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